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Diethanolamine, Pure

TU 2423-178-002O3335-2007, rev. 2

Production method: rectification of Commercial triethanolamine. Application: used in organic synthesis process (for example, for absorption of acid gases and sulphurous compositions), as a reagent in analytical chemistry, in the production of emulsifiers, detergents and cosmetic formulations.

Packing, handling and storage. diethanolaminepure is filled up in steel barrels of type l and ll as per GOST 6247 and GOST 13950, type 1A1 and other containers ensuring its chemical resistance.

Diethanolamine pure to be stored in hermetically sealed containers.

Diethanolamine shall be transported in roofed road vehicles by rail or road of sea transport in accordance with rules of transporting dangerous goods applicable to related means of transport.

The guaranteed storage life is 1 year from the date of production.

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