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TU 2423-151-002O3335-2003, rev, 1-4

Production method: rectification of commercial triethanolamine.

Application: used in organic synthesis process (for example, for absorption of acid gases and sulphurous compositions from industrial gas mixtures, in the production of plasticisers, surface-active agents, paint dispersants, cosmetic formulations, corrosion inhibitors and in pharmaceuticals synthesis).

Diethanolamine of B grade is also applied in the production of rubber and auxiliary materials in cement manufacture.

Packing, handling and storage; diethanolamine is filled up in steel barrels of type l and ll as per GOST 6247 with the capacity of 200 dm3 and GOST 13950, type 1A1 with the capacity of 200,216.5 dm3.

It is permitted to fill diethanolamine into steel barrels of other capacities and into other tanks ensuring chemical resistance to packed product, which provide product duality and its preservation.

Barrels are filled with the product no more than 90% of its capacity. The packing shall comply with GOST 26319. Diethanolamine is shipped by carloads in through railway services of by road and sea transport, as well as in bulk in rail or road tanks in accordance with rules of transporting dangerous goods applicable to related means of transport. The guaranteed storage life is 1 year from the date of production.

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