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TU 2423-15900203335-2004

Production method: interaction of ammonia or its water solution with ethylene oxide. Application: used in gas and petroleum industry for absorption of acid gases and sulfurcontaining organic сompositions, monoethanolamine of the superior and the first quality is applied in pharmaceutical, textile and varnish-and-lacquer industry, as well as in plastics production.

Packing, handling and storage: monoethanolamine is filled up into steel barrels. To be transported in roofed rail tank cars and roofed transport by road trucks, as well as in private or rented rail or road tank cars.

Monoethanolamine is stored in hermetically sealed barrels under shelter or in storage facilities indoors away from heating devices, as well as in outdoor storage tanks with inert-gas blanket at the temperature from minus 40°C to plus 50°C.

Combined storage with caustic or aggressive products, especially nitric acid or in the presence of chlorine is prohibited.

Monoethanolamine guaranteed storage life for superior and first qualities is one year, for second and third qualities is three years from the production date.

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